Thursday, September 19, 2013

Olay Shine, Shine Go Away! Shine Minimizing Cleanser

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I was so excited for this stuff. I kept seeing everyone rave about it after getting it in their Influenster boxes and knew I had to try it. A face wash that keeps you matte all day long? GIMME.

Unfortunately, I don't find it as amazing as all the reviews I've read. I LOVE the smell, that's first off. It smells clean and amazing, but you should probably stay away from it if you need to use fragrance free cleansers because the smell does stick around after you wash your face. It's very pleasant and perfumey but I can see where it might be too much for sensitive skin.
 It also makes your skin feel really, really clean. It is a super thick formula and lathers up quite nicely - you only need a small dollop of it to clean your whole face.
You can tell just by looking at it that it's really thick. It also claims to remove 2x more dirt, oil and makeup than regular cleansers. This is mostly true, because my face feels cleaner when I use this than any other cleanser I've used lately. BUT...

It does nothing to stop my shinyness/keep me matte all day. That was the biggest disappointment. In the aspect of shine minimization. it doesn't work any better than any other cleanser that I use regularly. So why do they market it as a shine stopper? No idea. That was the biggest factor that got me to buy it - that and the fact that everyone said it actually worked, that it did keep them matte all day long and stopped oilyness/shine. Is my skin really that oily that nothing will stop it? haha it's making me wonder!

At any rate, it is a good cleanser, but if you're oily like I am and are buying it to stop the shine throughout the day, you're going to be disappointed cause it doesn't work so great. If you like great smelling cleansers that really clean your face, then this is a must!

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