Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sugar Coat in Royal Icing

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When I finally found the limited edition Sugar Coats, this was the one that really caught my eye: Royal Icing. I was excited for these because while I liked the original batch of Sugar Coats that came out, they were just very flat to me. These limited editions have sparkle to them, which makes them more like my favorite textured polishes, the Julie G Gumdrops. And this one is just super cool because it's a baby blue base, but has purple/pink sparkles to it.
I tried to capture the color the best I could in different lights - there's just no justice until you see it in person! Now, I don't know about the other limited edition colors but this one needs about 3 coats by itself to look good. The original ones were much more opaque than these. But in the same respect, you can use a cream baby blue color and one or two coats of this over it to make it just as awesome as the original Sugar Coats, opacity-wise.
Here I have 3 coats of it on my nails by itself - still a super pretty color, but I don't like that you can still see my nail through it. Like I said, using a solid color as a base totally fixes this problem. 

Another reason I have been loving the Sugar Coats lately? THEY DRY IN NO TIME!! Literally by the time I start painting the nail on my right hand, my left hand is already dry. These are a Mom's best friend! To top off the speed factor, you don't use a topcoat with these, which makes manicure time even faster. And when you get chips, you can just dot on some more and voila - completely fixed! Because they are textured, it makes it hard to detect any imperfections. So I definitely recommend these both for tectured polish-lovers, and for anyone who likes a super-quick, fun looking mani!!

I talk more about the polish in this video:

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