Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sugarpill @#$%! Pressed Eyeshadow

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@#$%! from Sugarpill is an eyeshadow I have wanted for a while. I don't think there is a way of pronouncing it - I at first thought it was the "f" word but I've heard that it's not, it's just the symbols and that's it. At any rate, this is a highly pigmented, crazy-bright shadow that I missed out on the first time it was available online. Last month Sugarpill had a 12-hour-only sale of limited edition stuff they had at PHAMExpo and this was one of the items, so I HAD to get online as soon as they went on sale and grab one.
It is a bright matte pinky-red with loads of silver sparkle.

Here it is with flash.
And here it is without flash. I am in love with this color!

As with most of Sugarpill's pressed shadows, it is smooth, extremely pigmented, and blends like a dream. Since Sugarpill first started I have been a huge fan, and over these past few years they've become my go-to company for bright, colorful, fun shadows. I always get very inspired and creative when I play around with their products!
Here is a shot of it after I cleaned it off - so it does stain a little. I find that I don't have issues with crazy pigmented shadows staining my lids because the primer and an eyeshadow base usually fixes that, but whenever I do swatches on my hand and it stains, I figure it's worth mentioning to people in case you're going to use it wet to do artwork on your face/body/etc.

I talk more about the shadow in this video:

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