Sunday, August 25, 2013

Limited Edition Sugarpill Asteria Chromalust

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For those not familiar with Chromalusts, they are Sugarpill's loose eyeshadows/pigments. I did a review not too long ago about all the ones that I had previously, so if you'd like to check that out it can be viewed here.

Asteria is a limited edition shade that was sold at the PHAMExpo and then later on became available online for a mere 12 hours on the Sugarpill site. I ordered this one when I got on there to order the @#$%! pressed shadow - it was just too pretty to pass up!
You'll notice it also has special packaging - a white lid where all the other Chromalusts have a black one. Asteria is an orangey coral shade with tons of gold sparkle.
Above, the first shot is with flash and the second is without.
As with most Sugarpill products, this color is smooth, blendable, and INSANELY pigmented! The swatch above is just one touch with my finger to the back of my hand, no base or anything underneath it. There is a lot of glitter in this shade, but it is so micro-fine that you can't feel it, and I don't experience much fallout at all. I try to be careful and pat the loose shadows on before blending them, it helps to reduce fallout and messes.

The color is no longer available but I needed to review it and show its awesomeness! If you can get your hands on it (maybe eBay?) it is definitely worth it, such a gorgeous and unique color.

I show and swatch the shadow in this video:

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