Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sugarpill Chromalusts

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I just recently picked up Sugarpill's Royal Sugar Chromalust and figured I would do some swatches of all the shades I have for the blog. All of the swatches are with and without flash, they are all dry with no base/primer.

Royal Sugar:
Royal Sugar is a matte medium blue with teal sparkle. This one is a bit trickier to work with than the other shades I have - it seems to have a chunkier consistency and needs more building to reach its full potential. It makes a nice royal blue when used wet. When I first swatched it I thought it was going to be a lot darker, as all the swatches I've seen for some reason make it appear to be a much darker blue. Either way, it is still a pretty color.
This is one I lusted after for quite a while before finally deciding to get it. it's a beautiful true metallic red. This is definitely not for everyone but I really love red eyeshadow. If you use reds with other colors and products, you can make it look awesome instead of making it look like your eyes are washed out, which is what most people complain about with red shades. Despite this shadow being so metallic, it is still very easy to blend and work with. The metallic effect shows up in this one just as good dry as it does wet and it is a very impressive color.

Magpie is this crazy steel gray color with teal sparkle. It is very finely milled and easy to blend. I often use this with a lighter blue shadow to create a simple smokey blue eye.

I think Stella is my favorite out of every single Sugarpill product I own. It is the MOST pigmented matte black shadow I have ever seen or used with insane rainbow sparkle in it. It's gorgeous dry or wet, can be used for a really dramatic look all over the lid, or used to darken up the outer corner on pretty much any look you're doing. I absolutely love this and recommend this one the most if you're looking to try only one Chromalust to start out with. This is the first one I ever got, and still my favorite!!

Weekender is a gorgeous metallic purple with rainbow sparkles. Yet another gorgeous, finely milled shade that is easy to work with.

I find that out of all my loose shadows, the Sugarpill ones are the ones I use most often. They are easy to work with and blend amazingly. Plus, I'm a sucker for sparkle and these are packed full of that! Like I said, they're all pretty finely milled except for Royal Sugar which is still smooth but has a different texture than the others. You can see how crazy the pigmentation is as well - I did not use a base or primer with these swatches and they were all dry. They also stay just as vibrant on your eyes all day long as when you first apply them. I really can't find any downfalls with these!

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