Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Blush in Peach Nuance

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I sometimes do things I shouldn't, like aimlessly looking around on makeup websites. I end up finding things I just HAVE to have this way! I came across this blush on They wanted too much for shipping for one little blush (it was only $8.99 but the shipping was $6. For a blush that weighs next to noothing?! Come on! I hate when companies do that!) So I found it on eBay and paid $9.99. You'll notice it's in a plastic clamshell container - that's because it's a refill. If you buy the blush in the compact it runs about $42 and I couldn't see paying that just for packaging. 
This is a gorgeous ombre blush that goes from a light peach color to a corally pink. It has a very slight shimmer, nothing too noticeable. I was always mad at myself for missing out on the MAC ombre blushes that they had a few years ago, and this is supposedly a great dupe for the peach colored one. (If anyone knows of a dupe for the pink/purple Azalea Blossom one, let me know!) 
So on the left is the peach shade, which you really can't see. The middle is the corally pink and the right is the two blended together. It's such an awesome color for summer and I'm really glad I stumbled across it. No idea how long this product has been around - like I said, I randomly found it surfing makeup sites haha. 

The formula is true to its name - very silky! It's not powdery at all and it's nicely pigmented. I also love that you can buy it in refill form like this - no depotting required, I can just put it into a palette! It has a chunk of glue holding it in the clamshell case but it is easily removable. If you like the looks of this I would definitely check it out! And I highly recommend buying the refill instead of the compact that's wayyyy more expensive!

I talk about this blush in this video:

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