Thursday, May 2, 2013

L'Oreal Miss Candy Summer Limited Edition Infallible Eyeshadow in Cherie Merie

Oh, limited edition shadows. How I love them. But how I HATE how hard they are to track down! I went to every CVS in my srea and the only one that had the Miss Candy summer display only had this one left, so I had to grab it! There is also an aqua, purple, and iridescent-looking pinky color. This one has been described as the most pigmented of the 4 colors.
It is a gorgeous corally orange and it has a ton of color payoff. 
I love the Infallible shadows because of their unique texture. They're not a loose pigment, but they're not a fully pressed shadow - they're just awesome. I have a ton of them and I've never been disappointed in any of the colors. The payoff is great and they blend like a dream - this shadow is no exception! Blends beautifully and is going to be an awesome spring/summer shadow. I'm dying to try this on my whole lid with a teal liner - I for some reason love teal and orange together for spring lol. Call me crazy! If you can find any of these limited edition shadows I highly suggest grabbing them because if you wait and go back they will be gone for sure! it was so hard just to find ONE, believe me!


  1. OMG This looks like a dupe for the haley williams collection shadow from mac!!!