Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Wet n Wild Mascaras

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Okay so finally, my big round-up review of all the new Wet n Wild mascaras!! They made them super colorful and eye-catching, that's for sure. The best part is that they range from $1.99 to $3.99 and I can say they all do pretty much what they say they are intended to do!

First is the orange one, Mega Impact. I did a review on this one already, it was the first one I picked up but for the sake of keeping them all together it will be in this post too!
The wand is pretty thick at the base and comes to a point. This one claims to give your lashes 8x impact. I'm guessing this means an all-around 8x fuller, longer, etc.
Here are my naked lashes, and...
lashes with the Mega Impact mascara. You can see it definitely gives my lashes a boost. It gives the look of more lashes, lifts them a little, and is nice and black. I wouldn't say my lashes are 8x bigger and fuller, but they do look nice!

The yellow on is Mega Volume.
The brush on this one is straight and all one thickness. It claims to give your lashes 5x the volume.
Here's the naked lashes:
And here they are with Mega Volume:
Really nice, right? I love this one!

The purple one is Mega Length.
This one has a skinny wand with tiny rubber bristles and claims to make your lashes look 80% longer.
Here are the naked lashes:
And here they are with Mega Length: 
Are they 80% longer? No, but it does appear to give them some length.

The green one is Mega Protein.
The brush on this one has kind of a corkscrew design. It claims to nourish lashes.
Here are the naked lashes:
And here they are with Mega Protein:
While this one just claims to nourish lashes, it also makes them look really nice. I find it gives a bit of lift and volume!

And the last is the pink one, Mega Plump. This is probably my favorite out of the 5. For me, I need thickening mascaras more than lengthening ones and this definitely does its job!
The wand on this one is another thick, tapered design. This one claims to make your lashes 5x look plumper.
Here's the naked lashes:
And the lashes with Mega Plump:
Definitely gives the appearance of more lashes. I really, really like the way this one makes my lashes look.

All in all, I was so impressed with these for the amount of money I paid for them. They go on sale at the drugstores quite often, but even without a sale they're a killer price (like I said, price tags between $1.99 and $3.99!) The stand-outs here are Mega Plump and Mega Impact, though Mega Volume makes a nice difference in my lashes too. I could do without the length and protein ones, but they are nice to have as I really wanted to test them all out together and see which ones perform the best.

You can watch my review video here:

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