Monday, May 27, 2013

Covergirl Clean Glow Blush and Bronzer

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Let's talk about the bronzer first - this one is called Spices and it's nice and matte, which I liked when I saw it. The Clean Glow blushes and bronzer have 3 different shades in them which you can blend together to create one shade. 
I would really like these if they SHOWED UP. I put so much product on my brush and just barely got it to show on my face. But that's saying something because the blush doesn't show up no matter what you do (more on that later!) 
These are the 3 shades with no flash
And here they are with flash - you can see the darkest one the best.
And then here is all 3 shades swirled together on my finger, in my attempt to try and get it to show up better! Like I said, I would really like this if it showed up on me - the product itself is very silky and feels nice. It's just a fail pigmentation-wise. I feel like they could have done a much better job with these and they would have been amazing!

Now the blush - it's called Roses. I actually bought the Peaches one too, but didn't even open it after seeing how terrible these performed. 
Again, nice and matte except for the lightest highlighter shade which is slightly shimmery.
Even heavily swatching them I couldn't get the shades to show up much...
And here are the 3 shades blended together with my finger. Again, it would be a really nice product if I could get it to show up on me! Such a letdown, Covergirl! These are around $8.99 and definitely not worth it. This is something from the new products to steer clear of for sure :)

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