Monday, May 27, 2013

Covergirl Eye Rehab 2-in1 Brightening Concealer + Olay Hydrating Serum

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I've heard/seen a lot of reviews where people have complained about this product but I actually really like it! It seems like they repackaged the 2-in-1 Foundation into a smaller tube and called it a CC Cream concealer for your under eyes lol. It has the same smell as the foundation which is really nice (I guess that comes from the Olay!) But I find that the foundation isn't good for my oily skin, while this concealer works well for me.

It is a very thin consistency - not something you usually want in a concealer - but it covers a lot more than you think it would. I got the lightest shade they had (Fair) and it brightens pretty well, though I would like it to be a shade or two lighter. It blends nicely and you really can't see it on the skin, which is a huge plus - no under eye cakeyness!!

It has a little pump which I like, but you have to be careful not to dispense too much.
Also, it is pretty hydrating without making my oily skin shiny in the areas where I apply it. I made sure to use it for a couple days without wearing foundation or anything so that I could put it to the test! I have been wanting to try the Benefit Fake-Up concealer but the hydrating part kind of threw me off because I don't want to spend that much if it is going to look greasy under my eyes, but this one gave me hope that I can use it and it won't react badly with oily skin.
Here is a shot of the product on the back of my hand, you can't really tell the consistency of it but it is quite thin once you start applying it. I really thought it was going to be a wash and not work at all because it was so thin, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is definitely worth checking out!
I mention it in this video:

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