Friday, April 12, 2013

Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow in Bobby Dazzle

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The Urban Decay Stardust shadows are being discontinued, as they just released the Moondust shadows. Not sure what the difference is yet as I don't have a moondust one yet, but I have been wanting to try a Stardust one for a while. They are $9 on as opposed to the $20 that they used to be so if you're looking to pick one up, get 'em before they're gone for good!

Here's a shot of the shadow with and without flash. I picked the shade Bobby Dazzle sheerly for the name. Stupid, I know. But it just reminds me of Rob Dyrdek and his "Bobby Light" character, which entertains me to no end. lmao plus I thought it was a pretty shade, something different than the colorful ones I always gravitate toward.

The shadow itself is quite powdery. I heard a lot about all of the shades being like this, and causing fallout. I don't have a problem with fallout with this one, I like using it as a highlight on the inner corners of my eyes. It applies very smoothly despit it feeling powdery. It is essentially a sheer wash of sparkle that you can build up to make more intense, or even layer it over just about any shadow and it will look good and bring a bit of sparkle to your look. Since it is so buildable you can also use it as a shimmery cheek highlight!
 Without flash
 With flash

As you can tell, with the flash you can barely see it but without the flash the shimmer is quite visible. Normally I would be bummed that an Urban Decay shadow isn't pigmented, but in this case it works really well. I like that you can build it and use it over just about any shadow, and you can also use it as a face highlighter so the possibilities are endless with this one!

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