Monday, April 8, 2013

NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss

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When I was looking at the NYC Applelicious Lip Balms, I also noticed these babies and decided to give them a try. I am glad I did because they're fast becoming one of my new favorite lip products! The top shade in the picture is called Pumped Up Purple, though it's more of a medium pink shade than a purple, and the bottom one is Full On Fuchsia.

These glosses have a giant doe foot applicator - the same size as the glittery Hard Candy glosses, and the infamous MAC Wonder Woman lip glosses. That's a downfall for me because I think these types of applicators just grab way more product than you need for one application, so they're inconvenient. Other than that, I LOVE this product!

They are marketed as a plumping gloss, so they have a tingling sensation to them - but they don't burn or sting at all, which is awesome. (I have tried Too Faced Lip Injection and let's just say my eyes watered!!) They are similar to the Buxom lip glosses in the way that they tingle your lips without burning them. These also smell like vanilla! Well, vanilla with a hint of lipstick but it's still better than what most lip plumpers smell like. Plumping wise, I don't see much happen with my lips when I wear these, but I enjoy the tingling sensation, it almost has a cooling effect which is why I've always loved the Buxom glosses so much. And for $3.99 instead of the $18 or so price tag of the Buxom ones, these can't be beat!

They also have a good amount of pigment for a drugstore gloss. The Full On Fuchsia (top in the swatch picture) is more sheer, but the Pumped Up Purple is quite pigmented and has a bit of shimmer in it. 

I have really been loving these and think you should give them a try if you enjoy tingly glosses!

I also did a video for these here:

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