Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kat Von D Ladybird Palette - All Matte!

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Finally, an all-matte palette from the Kat Von D line! I just have to first say that the name Ladybird reminded me of the Scavenger Hunt episode of Viva La Bam, because one of the teams was named Ladybird. Gave me a giggle. haha okay on to the review...

Here's a couple shots of the shadows in this palette - the first is without flash, the second is with flash. As you can see it is a very wearable every day palette. Since I've had it I have been reaching for it a lot - I like that it has everything you need in it for multiple looks. You can do very natural looks, or use the darker colors for more dramatic looks. I normally like a mix of matte and shimmer in my eye looks, but the colors in this palette are so nice that I've been liking doing all-matte looks.

It comes with a mini Autograph Eye Liner in Immortal Love, a dark brown. The Autograph liners are always very smooth and creamy, and this shade of brown goes perfectly with the neutral colors in this palette.

Now to go over the colors. From left to right we have:
Fur Elise - looks purple in the pan, applies as more of a maroon shade
Vespertine - Peach - this is a perfect highlight, especially for pale people like me!
Renholder - Rich taupe
Siouxsie-Sioux - Muted navy blue

Unrequited - Peachy light tan
Harlow - Light tannish brown, this makes an awesome transition color
Wolf - Red toned brown (I noticed this one has a rougher texture than the other shadows)
Cleopatra - Burnt orange, a very unique shadow color

As always with the KVD shadows, they are all very smooth, easy to work with and blend, and apply beautifully. I don't experience chalkiness with these like I do with a lot of matte shadows, which amazed me at first. They just FEEL smooth and creamy, that's very hard to find in a matte shadow! If you are a matte shadow fanatic, I'm telling you right now that you NEED this palette in your collection!!

I show the palette/talk about it in this video:

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