Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Green Day Concert Vlog (4/9/13 Show) 99 Revolutions Tour!

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So a little bit off topic from my usual stuff, but I figured I would share my concert vlog with you guys. I saw them in Providence, RI on 4/9/13 on the 99 Revolutions Tour. It was my first show in over a year (can't go to as many as I used to now that I have a baby!) and it was actually Stephen and I's first "date night" by ourselves since we had Aiden. My bestie and her husband watched him for the night so that we could go (and luckily, he was a good boy and didn't miss us too much lol!)

They've been my favorite band since I was 10 years old (18 years ago haha makes me feel old)...every time I see them it just makes me incredibly happy. Every time I take someone with me to see them, it makes them instantly like the band more - my Mom went with me a few times, my best friend, and then Stephen went with me to this one. All of them weren't huge Green Day fans but came out of there amazed at what an awesome live show they put on! If you have never seen them and have an opportunity to, then definitely go - you won't be disappointed! And if you've seen them already, then you know what I'm talking about :)

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