Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Benefit Sweet to Meet Ya! 500 Point Sephora Perk

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I've gotta say, I usually save and save my beauty bank points because there's never any 500 point perks that interest me enough. I think the only one I previously cashed in was for a Too Faced "Eye Love" palette because that was an awesome little prize. But this one got me excited because I've wanted to try some Benefit stuff for a while, and it comes with a FULL SIZE of their Girl Meets Pearl highlighter - perfect because I have recently become highlight-obsessed!

You get a sample size Bad Gal Lash mascara

I loved the wand as soon as I opened it - it's one of those jumbo thick ones that you know makes for an awesome mascara (most of the time anyway!)

Now I can see firsthand why so many people love this mascara. These are before and after shots of my lashes, and holy hell! Definitely makes a huge difference! I have been loving my Maybelline Rocket mascara lately but may have to cave when I run out and get a full size of this awesome one. It is very liquidy though - as you can see, I made a mess on my lid lol!

Next is a mini bene-tint lip and cheek stain.
The packaging is almost nail polish-like. It comes with a brush that's a little thinner than a polish brush. The color of the stain looks scary but it's really not...
When you first put a swipe of it on, it looks watered down and less scary.
You actually need a whole lot of product to get it to make any difference on your cheeks as a blush - I had to dot a lot of it on to achieve this pink shade. It works a little better on your lips, but that's probably because my lips are already pigmented on their own.
Here's another shot without flash. One more thing I should mention about this product is that it smells EXACTLY like roses. Fresh cut roses. It's a nice scent, but kind of a weird one for a product that can go on your lips. Kind of old lady-like. It does dissipate after a minute or two, which is good because then you don't have the scent of rose following you all day!

Lastly we have the reason I wanted this perk in the first place - the full-size Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl for Face. 
I like that there is a protective plastic cover when you remove the cap - I'll be leaving this on here so that the product doesn't get all over the inside of the cap!
The product itself twists up through tiny holes on the top. You really only need one little twist per cheek, a little goes a long way!
And here it is without flash. It is a gorgeous champagne shimmer and has been my go-to cheek highlighter since I got it. 
And with flash you can see it gives off a hint of a golden tone. Just an all-around gorgeous color!

I hope this will help any of you wondering if you should cash in your beauty bank points or not :)

I talk about the set in this video:

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