Monday, March 18, 2013

NYX Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

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This palette seems like it's close to the Urban Decay Smoked palette, but the shadow quality definitely pales in comparison to Urban Decay. 

I've never been a huge fan of NYX shadows to be honest. I bought some years ago when they had a sale, and made my own palette with them, but really never used them because of their powdery-ness and ultimately ended up getting rid of them. I recently caught another sale and figured I'd give this palette a try to see if they improved their quality any.

The colors don't have names, so from left to right there is a dark silver with rainbow sparkles, a matte black, shimmery maroon, shimmery navy blue, shimmery brownish gold, and a shimmery white. The shadows themselves are smooth but a big hit or miss in terms of pigmentation. The sparkly silver is chalky and the sparkles don't translate well when swatched. The matte black looks more like a dark gray. The maroon is a pretty color, but takes some work to build it up. The navy is again, very chalky. The gold isn't very pigmented at all, and the shimmery white is probably the best shadow out of the bunch.

Here they are all swatched in order, with no base. As you can see there's nothing really spectacular about them. I'm not impressed by this palette at all, but what can you do? Out of all the stuff I got from the NYX sale, this is the only thing I was disappointed in so that is a plus! Look for the reviews on the other stuff I purchased coming up :)

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