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Hard Candy Spring 2013 Items - Reviews!!

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This is just going to be one big giant post on all the new Hard Candy stuff that I purchased recently. I figured I would put them all in one post instead of making a bunch of different posts for each product. Let's get to it!

First I'll talk about the All Lid Up cream shadows. I got Midas Touch and Wine Not:
These make perfect shadow bases, but can also be worn alone over a primer, of course. They are very pigmented and remind me a lot of the Maybelline Color Tattoos, but these are a little bit harder to blend/work with. Nonetheless, I have been enjoying these a lot and want to try the purple next, because we all know purples usually fail in cream form!

Here's a swatch of the two colors - I love using them together and putting Urban Decay's "Last Call" shadow over the Wine Not cream shadow. It looks awesome! I love the way gold and maroons look together, and the Last Call color just gives the pink a darker tone.

Next are the All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stains. The lighter pink is Cupcake and the darker one is Mauveous:

These really surprised me because they look like they'll be sheer, but they're actually quite pigmented. Thery can best be compared to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. They don't last *quite* as long as those, but they are very moisturizing and feel good on the lips. They have no scent/flavor at all, and give a very nice shine.

Here's Mauveous on the top and Cupcake on the bottom. I have been loving these two colors lately, especially when I'm in a rush and don't feel like doing lipliner/lipstick/etc. They're great to just pop on and go!

Next we have the Lip Def Lip Lacquers. I have Midnight Stroll, Bashful, and Red Stiletto:
The purple looks scary, but believe me it's very wearable. I thought these would be crazy pigmented lip paint type products because the Eye Defs are so pigmented, but these are more of a sheer wash of color with some sparkle to them. They have the same packaging as the Eye Defs, same applicator and everything:

These really work to their full potential applied over a lipstick - it helps the shimmer in them stand out and really makes any lip color look prettier!

Bashful is a pale pink with peachy shimmers. Midnight Stroll is a sheer purple with blue shimmers. Red Stiletto is a sheer reddish pink with golden shimmers. They must have different scents, because to me Bashful and Red Stiletto smell like strawberries, and the Midnight Stroll one just has a really weird smell that I'm not too fond of. These are slightly tacky, which makes for good staying power, but are not overly sticky so it's nothing to worry about.

Walk the Line glitter liners are something the Hard Candy line has had for a while, so I don't know if this is new...but I had never seen it before so I picked it up. This one is a purple rainbow glitter liner called Dazzle:

It has a little brush applicator which is my favorite kind for glitter liner:

I love that you get a ton of glitter with one swipe - no need to go over it with 10 coats trying to get an even application!
 Also, once it dries it doesn't budge - that is hard to come by with a liquid glitter liner. It can be a little hard to remove at the end of the day, but I prefer that over having glitter all over my face!! Definitely one of my new favorites!!
Lastly, another thing I'm not entirely sure is new because I didn't hear about this coming out with the spring line, but I had never seen it before. It is called Lite Bright Whipped Brightening Concealer. My Walmart only had the color Light, which is what I tend to go for anyway because I'm so pale. In my YouTube review that I will post below, I had only used this once and wasn't fond of it. In playing with it more, I have found ways to make it work but it's still not my fave...

It has a twist-up tube with a brush on the end which can be hard to control how much product comes out. It tends to just pour on out and give me too much everytime. I've learned that you need to let it dry for a second before you blend it, cause otherwise it just gets streaky and turns into a mess. It's very liquidy at first but after giving it a second it feels like more of a cream and is easier to work with.

It is definitely brightening and will brighten under your eyes - but it has a major downfall: settling into fine lines. The only way I will wear this under my eyes is if it's underneath my foundation so you can't see the settling as much - this is definitely not the greatest, which is a bummer, but out of all the new stuff this was my only disppointment so I'd say that's a good thing!!

I hope you guys enjoyed these reviews - here is my YouTube video!

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