Monday, March 18, 2013

NYX Wonder Pencil (Light)

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This is a new product from NYX, a 3-in-1 pencil that can be used on the waterline as an eye brightener, you can use it as a concealer, and you can use it around your lips as a reverse lipliner. 

It looks like your average pencil liner - I got it in light. It matches my skin perfectly!

As an eye brightener: I can get a few hours of wear on my waterline, which is pretty good. It's always hard finding a good liner that will stay in the waterline anyway.

As a concealer: AWESOME. It matches my skin perfectly and is really easy to blend. It is really close to the L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer - but the fact that it is a skinny pencil instead of a jumbo pencil makes me feel like I'm going to go through it way faster. The pro of this though, is that it can get into really small areas like the corners of your nose!

As a reverse lipliner: I would most likely buy a seperate Wonder Pencil for this purpose, as I feel weird putting something on my mouth then in my waterline. I'm sure a lot of you will agree! But I tried it out before I sharpened it, and it makes a nice reverse lipliner. Because it blends so easily, it is really easy to work with!! It's also great to use with liquid lipsticks that tend to bleed when you apply them - definitely helps with that!

Not much to show here, but this is a quick swatch of it against my skin, unblended. See how well it matches?

There are a few different shades of the Wonder Pencil so I definitely suggest checking one out, it's a really neat little product to have in your collection!

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