Monday, November 26, 2012

November Starbox

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This was my first time reviewing a monthly box subscription service. I should first off mention that the box was sent to me free for review purposes. It is the Starbox from A bit of info: this is a $15 per month service and each month you will get 3-4 FULL SIZE products! That definitely stands out to me as many other monthly boxes are just filled with samples and maybe a full size product here and there. You can also order past Starboxes for $25 from their website in case there was one you missed and really wanted. So, let's get into the review.

The packaging: it comes in a thin box. This one happened to have a cheetah print cover.
 Inside, the products were nicely wrapped in white tissue paper. There were 3 products inside - a 4 pan eyeshadow palette, a lipstick, and an eyelash tool/mascara guard. It also had a crystal inside.

On to the products. I wanted to use them for a few days before I did the review so that I could test them out before doing the review. The mascara guard works pretty well to keep mascara from getting on your skin. Personally, that problem doesn't happen to me all that much but it will definitely come in handy when I do someone else's makeup. I notice I have a hard time not making a mascara mess on other people LOL

The lipstick is their "Tender Gloss Lipstick." It is a sheer formula, non-sticky, and very moisturizing. The color I got is in "Pearl." It's a sheer bronzy color and I've really been enjoying it.

The eyeshadow palette contains 4 neutral/smokey shadows. Love the colors, the only downside of the palette is that it is not magnetized so you have to be careful with it.

From left to to right: Hint of Rust, Midnight in Mongolia, Coffee Bean, and Void Echo. First picture is with flash, second is without.

They say their shadows are comparable to MAC, and this is very true. I usually do swatches without a base under them. I figure it's better that way because I like to show what they look like with nothing under them. Hint of Rust is a shimmery bronzy brown. Midnight in Mongolia has the same shimmery finish but is more of a golden brown color. Coffee Bean is a matte red-toned chocolate brown. And Void Echo is my favorite - the pictures don't do it justice! It is a dark grey-silver with rainbow shimmer in it. Gorgeous color!

So those were the products in the November Starbox. A great deal if you ask me - $15 when the lipstick alone retails for $11 and the shadows are $9 each! The December box is going to be a $99 value for the same $15 price so be sure to sign up if you're interested! It would be awesome if you tell them sullenxriot182 from youtube sent you!

Here is my video to go along with this post:

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