Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey guys!!

I haven't updated in a while...cause I finally had my baby! Aiden was born on October 19th - the day I was supposed to go in to be induced anyway, but I actually went into labor on my own the night before. I am going to do a video about my whole labor and delivery experience when I can get Stephen to sit and do it with me so I can try and remember everything. I blocked a lot of it out! I went through 8 1/2 hours of natural, hard labor before I caved and asked for an epidural. It completely blocked the pain from the contractions but messed everything up - instead of them coming like clockwork every few minutes, they became sporadic and unpredictable. This went on for over 10 hours and I got stuck between 7 and 8 centimeters for almost 6 hours (even though they kept giving me the stuff they give you to induce contractions) before they decided I needed an emergency c-section because he just didn't want to come out. So after almost 19 hours he was finally born via c-section and weighed 9lbs 9.4 oz - no wonder he didn't come out, he's huge! Honestly, the worst part of it all for me was having to get out of bed the morning after...I wanted to kill the nurse that made me lol. That part hurt so bad I started crying - it felt like I was going to rip apart. But he is finally here and healthy and I am very happy! Look for the video update soon - I hope to get it filmed sometime this week when Stephen and I can both sit down for a few minutes and talk about it.

I also wanted to say that I've become obsessed with trying to find the new holiday Wet n Wild palettes. I've checked Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS and none of them have them! Help meeeee! I think the fact that I can't find them just makes me want them more. I know the "Drinking A Glass of Shine" one is just the "I Heart Matte" palette repackaged but I missed out on that one last year because the only time I found it (at a Walgreens) all of the ones they had were smashed. If anyone finds a surplus of these new ones near you and wouldn't mind picking them up for me I will gladly send you the money for them! It would be much appreciated seeing as how it doesn't look like we're getting them anywhere around here and I'd rather not pay the jacked up eBay prices for them! lol people seem to be asking at least $15 each for them on there when you can get all 3 of them for that price since they're only $4.99!


  1. Hey girl, email me! I will gladly get all of them for you and ship them to you!


    1. omg that's awesome of you!! I am going to email you right now :D

    2. try Amazon .com ive found them on there from 5.99 to 7.99