Monday, May 10, 2021

ColourPop Too Haute, Cashmere Forever, Statement Piece, Rumor Has It, and Hi, Society Palettes

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Today I've got the 5 new 5-pan colorful palettes from ColourPop!

Too Haute is the pink palette, and looks like a combo of the 3 Valentine's Day palettes that they came out with.
Lol, No is a metallic pink with gold shift.
2 am* is a bright matte cool toned pink.
The Ivy is a metallic warm pink with silver micro sparkles.
Flirt* is a bright neon pink.
West End* is a bright matte pink based red. Insanely bright, I love this color!

Cashmere Forever is the purple palette:
Softie is an iridescent pale lavender with a pink duochrome.
Wanted* is a matte lavender. This is very light, but has decent payoff.
Grafting* is a bright shimmery violet. Needs a little building up to reach full potential.
Madison* is a matte cool tones purple. Beautiful!
5th Ave.* is a matte rich violet. Patchy and powdery, definitely needs a good base.

Statement Piece is the orange palette:
Diamond Cut is a metallic golden peach. This one has little payoff and is rather sheer.
Blair* is a pale matte peach.
Love Lock is a metallic red coral with golden pink duochrome. Again, kind of sheer. I expected more pigmentation from this one.
Hoops* is a matte red coral. Bright, but needs to be built up.
Chain Mail is a matte bright orange. Super bold!

Rumor Has It is the blue palette:

Do Tell is a matte sea foam with silver micro sparkles. A little powdery, but not terrible.
Confession is a bright metallic aqua with a gold duochrome.
Page 6 is a matte periwinkle. Pretty sheer and needs to be built up.
Got A Text is a metallic indigo with an iridescent blue duochrome. Another one that I was hoping would be more pigmented.
On Paper is a matte cobalt blue. Slightly patchy but it's pigmented enough that it builds easily.

Hi, Society is the green palette (and my personal favorite!)
Promise? is a metallic mint with gold flash. 
Fan Fave is a matte yellow-green with teal and silver micro sparkles. Beautiful and unique!
Buggin' is a bright metallic chartreuse. This shade is super metallic and pigmented!
Don't Care* is a matte bright lime. This one is drier in texture and needs a little building, but it's an awesome green.
Scene is a matte vivid emerald. Easily my favorite in this palette. it's gorgeous!

Now some of these are more impressive than others. I'm not crazy about the blue and purple palettes. There's lots of chalkiness going on, and inconsistencies in quality with them. In Statement Piece, the metallics have very little payoff. In Cashmere Forever, the mattes are chalky (except for Madison, which is a great purple). Too Haute has some insane pigmentation, and that last red color? In love with it!! My favorite out of them all is easily Hi, Society. The colors are all so vivid and go so well together, they are perfect for spring time!

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