Wednesday, April 28, 2021

ColourPop Quads! Citrus Fizz, Cream Soda, Creamsicle, Mocktail, Sorbet and Sparkler


 ColourPop recently dropped 6 new quads, and I've got all the swatches for you today! I did them a little differently, as I've had suggestions to swatch them on my palm. Not sure if I like this better or not, but we'll roll with it for now!

Squeezed is a metallic ivory.
Zestful* is a metallic gold with copper glitter.
So Tart is a matte yellow-peach.
Peel Away is a matte light brown.

Float is a metallic champagne.
Malted* is a metallic rose gold with copper and pink glitter.
Milkshake is a matte peach.
Soda Shop is a matte warm beige.

Extra Bubbly* is a metallic golden bronze with copper and gold glitter.
Sweet On is a metallic golden brown.
Seltzer is a matte chocolate brown.
Cool Cola is a matte blackened brown.

Glazey is a metallic icy pink.
Scooped* is a metallic light pink with silver and pink glitter.
Extra Syrup is a matte dusty mauve.
Drizzled is a matte warm burgundy.

Iced is a metallic true gold.
Shaken* is a coral with gold flash that has gold and copper glitter.
Chaser is a matte burnt orange.
Highball is a matte reddish brown.

Frostee is a metallic warm peach.
Big Treat* is a metallic pale coral with copper, gold and pink glitter.
Dreamfull is a matte warm coral.
On A Stick* is a matte deep coral.

All the shades with an asterisk (*) next to their name are "not intended for use in the immediate eye area." Most of them contain glitter, but it's important to note that none of these quads have any straight up "pressed glitters" in them, which is nice! I personally am not a fan of having a bunch of pressed glitters in the palettes because I never use them, but to each their own.

My favorite in the bunch is probably Creamsicle, though these are all super cute, toss-in-your-bag-and-go quads. I will mention that Citrus Fizz and Cream Soda are very similar to one another, so if you're going for one or the other I would just base it on whether you like Zestful or Malted better, because the other shades in both palettes are extremely similar to one another. The Citrus Fizz palette just leans more yellow where Cream Soda leans more pink. I think if you're a fan of ColourPop and buy them regularly these won't "wow" you because there's nothing crazy or out of the ordinary color-wise, but they are good little sturdy palettes to travel with.


  1. Loved this review! Thanks. I was thinking of purchasing them seeing they’ve been raves about on YouTube but I have these colours 100000 times in my collection and they’re not on sale currently.. I also have a lot of palettes from Colourpop so if these are the same formula as their regular palettes I really don’t think it’s worth picking up. Unless these are a new eyeshadow formula? Way better than their 6 pan palette formula?

    1. Thank you, glad it was helpful! I don't find the formula to be any different than their others so they are definitely not a must have if you already have a bunch of ColourPop palettes :)