Saturday, November 21, 2020

Jeffree Star Blood Money Palette

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The latest from Jeffree Star is the Blood Money Palette. Love him or hate him, he definitely has the whole packaging thing down! This palette is in a faux alligator skin textured case with a little button latch on the front to open it.
You push the left button to the right and it unlatches the case to open the palette.
Inside there are 18 shades ranging from matte to super metallic.

Divine Intervention looks white in the pan, but it is a sheer green shifter.
Mint Condition is a matte pale mint.
Chameleon Fetish is a matte lime.
Poison Ivy is a shimmery bright green.
Make It Rain is a matte pale army green.
Crocodile Tears is a matte true green.

Equity is a matte grungy green.
Money Heist is a super metallic deep gold.
CEO is a super metallic true gold.
Emerald Estate is a super metallic green.
Heavy Weighted is a matte turquoise.
Jaded is a matte deep green. This one definitely takes some building up.

Private Island is a matte tan.
Self Made is a matte olive.
Tax Free is a metallic brown base with a strong gold flash.
Persuasion is a matte dusty brown.
Secret Stash is a red-brown base with super metallic teal flash.
Black Card Limit is a matte black base with green and silver sparkles.

Okay, this one was so much better than the Orgy palettes. Seriously, the Mini Orgy was terribly and I don't know how they let that one even be released. The mattes in here all perform great, although a few of them (Crocodile Tears and Jaded) take some building up to achieve their full potential. The super metallic shades do have that dry texture to them but are AMAZINGLY pigmented and Tax Free is probably my favorite shade in the whole palette. I haven't been wearing a ton of greens on my eyes lately, but that might have to change with this palette!


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