Monday, November 23, 2020

ColourPop X Raw Beauty Kristi At Forest Sight Palette

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The ColourPop X Raw Beauty Kristi At Forest Sight Palette is a woodsy autumn beauty! This palette has such a gorgeous color story. If you like a palette with a lot of deep mattes, this is definitely one for you.
As you can see, the shadows are mostly mattes. Evergreen and West Coast are both metallics, and Let It Rain is a matte base with sparkle.
Puffball is a matte yellow toned, grungy brown.
Chanterelle is a matte golden yellow.
Rainier is a matte burnt orange.
Old Growth is a matte pinky peach.
Evergreen is a brown base with metallic green flash.
West Coast is a metallic gold.
Homegrown is a matte mauvey brown.
Amanita is a matte berry. *This one is the only one marked not intended for use in the immediate eye area because it does stain a bit).
Fiddlehead is a satin grungy moss green.
Emerald City is a matte deep green.
PNW is a matte deep teal.
Let It Rain is a matte black base with copper and gold sparkles.

That bottom row, are you kidding me?! GORGEOUS! I feel like that teal is possibly the best I've ever seen in a palette. A lot of times matte teals are chalky or patchy, but this one is amazing. The color story of this palette is a perfect fall-into-winter transition, and I cannot say enough good things about it! Emerald City is the only shade that needs a little bit of building up to achieve its full color, but it isn't chalky or anything and builds up nicely without any fallout. I love these colors!!

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