Wednesday, August 12, 2020

ColourPop Wild Nothing Palette

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The ColourPop Wild Nothing Palette is a nice collection of neutrals that just SCREAMS bridal palette to me. It's like the middle sister of the Bare Necessities and Going Coconuts palettes - they are all very similar and go together flawlessly.
There are 12 shades, 2 of which are the Super Shock formula, and no pressed glitters in this one.
Crystal Cove is a pale matte cream.
Salton (Super Shock formula) is a sheer white gold.
Coastline is a shimmery pale peach.
Top Down is a matte pink toned peach.

Morningside is a matte coral. SUPER pigmented!
Seashells is a metallic olive toned gold.
Alcove is a shimmery pale orange with silver sparkles.
Spirited (Super Shock formula) is a bronze glitter.

Vagabond is a matte tan.
Hot Springs is a matte mauve with silver micro sparkles.
Come Together is a matte brownish mauve.
No Bounds is a matte dark brown.

This is a really great palette of neutrals. Alcove is a little bit chunkier in texture and has a bit of fallout, and the Spirited color is more of a topper than anything else - it's very fine glitter with no base color, so it looks great tapped on top of any other color in this palette. My favorite shade is probably Seashells because it's absolutely gorgeous. And the pigmentation on Morningside is CRAZY! A little goes a long way with that color. I would say grab this if you need a new all in one neutral palette, but if you have a lot of ColourPop's neutrals (or neutral palettes in general) it's not a MUST have.

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