Friday, June 5, 2020

Jeffree Star Cremated Palette

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The Jeffree Star Cremated Palette (currently only available through JSC but should be available through other retailers who sell his cosmetics soon, like my favorite, Beautylish! is his newest addition to the growing palette collection that JSC already has. Cremated is a beautiful selection of mattes and metallics with a huge selection of gray toned shades. There is enough in here to make it a pretty everyday palette for most of us (as long as you don't like bright color every day!) The top 2 rows are more smoky while the bottom 2 rows are light and neutral.

This is the first palette that has actually had Jeffree on the cover. I love the work that Lipstick Nick does (she is the makeup artist who does all of Jeffree's campaigns), and the look she created for this is gorgeous. I'm just not entirely sure how I feel about a big ol' picture of his face on the front of a palette, but maybe that's just nitpicking and personal preference here. Just being honest!
I think the shadows are laid out in a perfect order inside. You have the darker shades on top and the lighter ones on the bottom and they just all flow together really nicely. The marble design inside is kind of a turn-off for me, just because when you glance at it quickly, it looks like the palette is dirty. I think a glittery inside would have been cool. Maybe black glitter, though it probably would have washed out the darker shades.
Hearse is a matte black. It's not insanely black, but buildable for sure.
Angel of Death is a black with silver sparkles.
Grave Digger is a matte dark gray.
Death Certificate is a metallic silvery taupe.
R.I.P. is a matte cool toned gray.
Pallbearer is a metallic silver glitter with a slight gray base (think more glitter topper than actual eyeshadow)

Inheritance is a matte grungy green.
Wednesday is a matte light gray.
Mortuary Beautician is a metallic gunmetal.
Last Look is a metallic golden brown.
Solemnly Swear is a matte mid-tone gray.
The Morgue is a matte olive toned gray.

Mausoleum is a metallic golden beige.
Embalmed is a pale cool gray with silver micro sparkles.
Eulogy is a matte purply gray.
Life Insurance is a matte pale gray.
Last Respects is a matte pale khaki.
Goodbye is a pale metallic silver.

Obituary is a matte light gray toned cream.
Burial Gown is a matte cream.
After Life is a metallic champagne.
Casket Ready is a matte off-white.
Deathblow is a matte white.
Diamond Ashes is a metallic white.

The mattes in this palette ALL have that smooth, creamy texture that Jeffree Star mattes usually have, so that is a huge plus for me. Matt grays are hard to do without being patchy, but these are beautiful and blend effortlessly. I do have to say that the lighter shades in the bottom 2 rows are going to be ashy on darker skin tones, as many people suspected when this palette first saw the light of day. The darker ones and metallics should not be a problem. I really like that you can do a very light, minimalist look  with this palette and then turn it sultry and smoky with the darker shades. It is definitely a palette for those of you who love grays, because there are a lot of them in here. But I think it's got enough variety of tones and textures to make it worthwhile. I have definitely been having fun with it so far!

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