Friday, May 8, 2020

ColourPop All Things Equinox Palette

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The ColourPop All Things Equinox Palette is one of two new palettes that were released at Ulta. This one is the more cool toned of the two.
I feel like this one isn't too exciting, because at this point ColourPop has released SO MANY purply palettes that it seems we've seen all of these shades before.

Kindred is a metallic icy lilac.
Infinity is an icy beige-taupe.
Sky High is a pale purple toned gray.

Stellar is a matte pastel lavender with pink sparkles.
Moonrise is a rich purple with a gold shift.
Lil Dipper is a matte taupey mauve.

Nebula is a satin mauve.
Intergalactic is a reddish brown with metallic green shift.
Alter Ego is a dusty matte purple with silver sparkles.

Performance-wise, this palette is fine. I haven't had any issues with it so far. I think it also pairs well with the She's Got Solstice palette that came out with it. This one is just not a "must have" for me. It's pretty but I have too many like it already.

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