Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette

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The Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette is the latest palette from the brand. I haven't purchased anything from them in quite some time, and the colors in here really caught my eye, so I figured I would give it a go!
The palette itself is VERY heavy. I was not expecting it to be so weighty when I received it in the mail. It also drives me nuts because with the way it closes like a book, the shadows basically lay on top of each other. There's no divider between them to keep fallout from one shade getting into another, and I find that really annoying. It did come with 3 little plastic strips that were placed inside, so what I've done since with mine is taped the plastic strips in there on one side so that I can flip them back and forth and they'll stay in place. Then I won't have to worry as much about shadow contamination with the different shades.

That being said, that's my big negative for the palette - the packaging. The colors, however, are excellent!

This first half of the palette is more matte/colorful shades.
2012 is a matte mustard yellow.
Rule Breaker is a matte orange.
Go Getter is a shimmery corally pink.
Dream Big is a matte brick reddish brown.
CEO is a metallic medium brown.
Boss Lady is a matte plum.
Game Changer is a matte bright green.
Profesh is a matte olive green.
Bold is a matte burnt orange.

The second half of the palette has more muted/metallic shades, no mattes.
Makeup Junkie is a mauvey metallic pink.
Warehouse Partyis a metallic dusty coral with gold and green reflects.
Poppin Bottles is a baby pink with green shift.
Shots is a metallic grey with pink shift.
Tipsy is a metallic blue with multicolored sparkles.
Cross Faded is a deep metallic periwinkle.
No Regrets is a greyish lavender with pink and green shift.
Morning After is a metallic mulberry with blue reflects.
Drunk Text is a metallic charcoal with iridescent reflects.

While I do find most of the matte shades in here to be very dry, they still perform well. I think because it's a "pressed pigment" palette, that's to be expected. The metallic/shimmer shades are all SUPER smooth and pigmented. I really enjoy the shades on the whole right side of the palette and have been leaning more towards those since I got it, but I do quite like the colors on the left side as well. I think if you are a fan of Melt this is definitely a must-have. I just wish they had thought the packaging through a little more because for anyone like me who is super careful about not getting shadows mixed together, the fact that they sit on top of each other when you close the palette drives me batty!

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