Thursday, June 27, 2019

Jeffree Star Jawbreaker and Mini Breaker Palettes

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Today I'm giving my thoughts on the new Jeffree Star Jawbreaker and Mini Breaker Palettes. I ordered the bundle of the two of them from Beautylish, but the bundle is available on the Jeffree Star website as well. I just prefer Beautylish because they always ship really quickly and everything comes wrapped and packaged immaculately.
So let's start with the Mini Breaker. This is Jeffree's first small palette, containing 9 pans. The shades Bubble Gum and Bite Me are also in the Jawbreaker palette - however, those are the only doubles. I was hoping that it would either be all shades that were also in the Jawbreaker so I wouldn't feel like I needed both, or 9 shades that are not in the Jawbreaker palette at all, but in the end I decided to get the bundle of both of them because I'm a sucker for eyeshadows lol.
Double Scoop is a matte mustardy shade that leans more on the orange side than yellow.
Orange Crush is a matte neon orange that has subtle gold sparkles in it.
Foreplay is a matte bright pink.

Oral is an iridescent purple with a blue duochrome (my fave in this palette).
Purple Punch is a matte fuchsia. This is my least favorite shade quality-wise. It's pretty patchy and leaves a pretty good pink stain behind whenever you try to take it off.
Slice is a rich metallic gold shade.

Bubble Gum is a matte baby pink (much lighter than it appears in the pan).
Bite Me is a metallic royal purple.
Hot Fudge is an awesome matte taupe. Love this in the crease!

So overall, the only dud in this palette is that Purple Punch shade. I find it difficult to work with and even when you try to build it up, it doesn't really blend well. The other shades all perform quite well. I LOVE the Hot Fudge shade, it's super creamy and blends like a dream.

For the Jawbreaker Palette, this is Jeffree's largest yet. It contains 24 shades, and, like I said before, the only repeats are Bubble Gum and Bite Me.

Virgin is a matte white, This is pretty powdery but performs best over a white cream base.
Good Morning is a matte super pale peach.
Bubble Gum is a matte baby pink.
Wow is a matte yellow (performs best with a white base to make it pop).
Suck is a matte orange.
Licorice is a matte true red (this one is AWESOME but very soft!)

Cute is a matte seafoam green.
Fuck is a matte neon coral.
Gum Drop is a matte lavender.
Snack is an icy metallic pink.
Brain Freeze is a matte pale baby blue.
Jawbreaker is a shimmery white gold.

And What is a satiny pinky red.
Orange Juice is a metallic bright orange (super soft and pigmented).
Sour is a matte bright green.
Soaked is a matte true blue (very patchy).
Raspberry is a matte true raspberry shade.
Cotton Candy is a metallic hot pink (same soft formula as Orange Juice).

Lemon Drop is a metallic lemon yellow.
Bite Me is a metallic royal purple.
Cherry Wet is a matte pinky red.
Tasty is a matte cool toned brown.
Cone is a matte peach.
Delicious is a matte deep navy. Kind of patchy and feels out of place in this palette because it's so dark.

So for the most part, I love this palette. Soaked is a problem shade, but then again most bright matte blues are. You need to definitely build it up to get it to its full potential, but it does blend out well. Delicious is very dark and feels out of place in this palette. It's another one that needs work to build up but isn't terrible. Overall, I really enjoy the colors in this palette and it's definitely going to be a go-to for me this summer!

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