Tuesday, June 4, 2019

ColourPop Blue Moon Palette

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The ColourPop Blue Moon Palette is their latest in the monochrome line of palettes and this one is a blue theme!
I've really been enjoying the monochrome palettes from ColourPop lately. Wasn't psyched for blue being the next one because the makeup world is kind of drenched in blue palettes lately, but I couldn't pass on it because I've got all the others, right? (That's what I tell myself anyway lol)
This is definitely a true monochrome palette here. Every shade is a shade of blue!

Lumi is an iridescent blue shimmery highlight shade.
Da Ba Dee is a matte cornflower - slightly chalky but when you blend it a bit it looks much better.
Moonlite is a pale baby blue matte.

Starry Eyed is a matte bright blue.
Billie Jean is a metallic denim.
Tide Pool is a shimmery bright aqua-blue.

Mad About U is a metallic medium blue.
Fine China is a matte true blue.
Clued In is a matte deep navy.

Da Ba Dee and Clued in both need a little layering to help them reach their true potential, but other than that this palette is great quality-wise. We always see a great selection of finishes in ColourPop palettes, and I really have to hand it to them for being able to do that with every palette they put out. That being said, this one for me is not personally a "one and done" palette that I could grab and get my full look out of unless I was specifically going to do crazy blue eyes. Whenever I use blues I like to pair browns with them to tone it down, so in using this palette I definitely have to grab another one to use along with it, or single shadow or two from my collection. Not a huge deal, just thought I would mention it! On the other hand, if you are into a full blue eye then this is definitely going to be a fave of yours!

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