Tuesday, May 21, 2019

ColourPop Main Squeeze Palette and Birthday Treat Super Shock Shadow!

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I was super excited to see that ColourPop's new Main Squeeze palette was a RED one! I figured we weren't going to get this until at least Valentine's Day next year...but they made it a watermelon palette and gave it to us! So, for all my fellow red shadow lovers, here it is. I also received a free Super Shock shadow in the shade Birthday Treat because it's their 5th birthday already!
Unfortunately mine arrived broken, but because of its squishy consistency, it's really not hard to press bag together and therefore isn't a big deal. Still works the same! Birthday Treat is a really pretty glittery copper-orange. Definitely an awesome color for summer!

The Main Squeeze palette is super cute - all red with gold seeds on it.
There are of course 9 shades (this is one of their smaller palettes, just like their pink, purple, and green ones) and most of them are shades of red.
Frose' is a matte coral.
Juicy Fruit is a reddish orange with metallic gold.
Home Slice is a satin pinky red.

Like It's Hot is a matte bright red.
Maraschino is a red with gold sheen.
Big Gulp is a matte orange.

Seed Money is a matte terracotta.
Bay Watch is a metallic copper.
Red Bottoms is a matte brick red.

All of these shades are great. Like It's Hot is an awesome bright red, slightly patchy but can be built up. I only wish they had named that one Red Bottoms instead, because the ACTUAL Red Bottoms color is more brown than anything. That's my one little gripe with it - other than that, these shades are awesome! At $12, you can't beat these little palettes!

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