Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Jeffree Star Alien Palette

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The Jeffree Star Alien Palette was a must for me. I used to be obsessed with alien stuff when I was a kid (as most 90s kids probably were) and the colors in this one are so gorgeous. I've got to say, Jeffree's palettes are all very different from one another color story-wise, and I really respect that. We're not seeing the same batch of colors regurgitated into different palettes. I snagged mine from Beautylish!
The box that it came in is pretty cool - it's a metallic purple galaxy print. The palette itself kind of gets my OCD going because it's hard to store. The shape of it is awkward, and the eyeballs are 3D so it doesn't lay flat against anything. I do think it's neat looking, I just hate that it's difficult to store with the rest of my palettes.
There is a decent sized mirror on the inside, and the lid folds all the way back in case you want to flip it underneath the palette and not use the mirror while you do your makeup.
There are 18 shades, very cool toned, a mix of mattes and metallics. It's definitely got a lot of neutral options, but has bold pops of color in there as well. The formula is amazing, and probably my favorite out of all of his palettes so far. He mentioned that they're the same as Blood Sugar's formula, but I think these are even more creamy and blendable. Let's check out some swatches!
Pluto - shimmery iridescent peachy pink
Titan - matte pale cream
Alien - metallic lime
Interstellar - gray duo-chrome shade that has a bit of gold/green shift to it
Abduction - matte neon yellow green
UFO - metallic deep gold
Gravitea - matte beige
Martian Soil - matte mustard yellow

Flying Saucer - matte true green
Phone Home - matte mauve
Moon Rock - metallic olive
X-Files - matte medium brown
Ghost OG - matte blackened olive
Area 51 - matte bold purple
Space Cowboy - metallic reddish brown
Probe - reddish brown base with a strong turquoise shift
Tall Grey - matte grey
Black Hole - matte black

The entire palette performs amazingly. That Flying Saucer shade is the only one that needs some building up, but even then it performs pretty well. I definitely love the colors in here, love that it's not something you see too often, and love that the mattes are so creamy!! This one is definitely worth checking out if you've been eyeing it!

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