Friday, November 16, 2018

HUDA Beauty The New Nude Palette

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This is my first ever HUDA palette! I know, I know - where have I been? Truth is, I've talked myself out of the previous HUDA palettes because let's face it - I have WAY TOO MANY eyeshadow palettes! But this one was too pretty to pass up. I was super intrigued by those chunky looking shades, and just wanted to try it for myself. The New Nude Palette is a beautiful everyday, subtle-to-glam palette that I think most makeup lovers are really going to love.

The packaging is simple - and has a giant mirror on the inside, which is always a plus. The whole palette is very rose gold/mauve, which I really, really love. There are 2 pressed glitters, four of those crazy looking chunky shades, and in the lower left you have a super sticky concealer/base for really making the shadows pop.
So the first thing I was curious about were those chunky looking shades. Which, in fact, aren't chunky at all! They apply so smoothly and have a lot of dimension to them. They even pick up great on a flat brush, which I wasn't expecting because of how they are pressed. I thought sure I would have to apply them with my finger for the best results, but they perform beautifully with the brush!

The concealer/base is something I wanted to try right away too, because those things never seem to work for me when brands stick them in palettes. And guess what? This doesn't crease on me at all! If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I have super oily lids and there are only really 2 primers that I ever use because none of the others work. This one happens to be super sticky too, which really grabs onto those glittery shades.

Now let's get into the swatches!
For the first row from left to right we have:
Bare - matte light cream
Crave - metallic warm copper
Play - matte peach
Fantasy - metallic plum
Love Bite - matte blackberry
Spanked - matte cranberry

Lace - matte pinky lavender
Daydream - metallic warm pink
Tickle - matte warm pink
Excite - coppery red pressed glitter
Infatuated - peach/gold/copper pressed glitter
Kinky - warm plum pearl

Concealed - cream colored concealer base
Secret - matte warm peachy pink 
Tease - matte deep mauve
Raw - matte warm brown
Charmed - metallic warm brown with a pink pearlescence 
Teddy - matte warm beigy tan

I really, REALLY enjoy this palette. The mattes are up there with my favorite formulas. Everything blends amazingly and applies like a dream. The pressed glitters aren't the best, but to be honest I never use pressed glitters anyway. I may try to work these into some looks for the holidays. The rest of the palette is an absolute dream and I'm so glad I finally tried out something from HUDA Beauty!

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