Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lime Crime Venus III Palette

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The Lime Crime Venus III surprised me - I hadn't seen or heard anything about it until the day it released, when Lime Crime sent me an email about it. It is available at Ulta as well! I knew I had to grab it, because I have loved all of the other Venus palettes (and Venus XL JUST came out shortly before this one, which I also am obsessed with!)
This one is very pink toned. It's got 8 shadows, with a good mix of finishes. 
The top row is:
Dreamy - matte rosy mauve
Beam - sheer sparkling pink with pink and gold shimmers
Heavenly - sheer sparkly peach with pink and gold shimmers
Rapture - medium pink with a satin finish

Beam and Heavenly remind me a lot of the Hi-Lite powders. They have that same sheerness that makes those so versatile, yet they have enough pigmentation to really pack a punch.

The bottom row is:
Ecstasy - matte deep brown
Paradise - fuchsia with a satin finish
Bliss - matte reddish terracotta
Beloved - metallic warm brown

The mattes in this palette are all really nice and blendable. I found the ones in the XL palette to be extremely dry, but they performed well. These perform just as well without that super dryness. It is a really pretty palette for spring, and the color selection is super girly and cute. It is definitely the opposite of the grungey asthetic of the first two Venus palettes, but I think it's opposite in a GOOD way lol.

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