Saturday, May 12, 2018

Kat Von D 10 Year Anniversary Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter in Gold Skool

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I've been patiently waiting for the Kat Von D line to come out with highlighters. We first got the Metal Crush palette which, while pretty, was super duper glittery and not very "every day use" to me. With Gold Skool Extreme Highlighter, we get more of the same.
What drew me to this is that it looks like a white pearl powder with lots of gold shimmer. Upon swatching, there's really no white in it and it's more of a sheer, super fine glitter.
Don't get me wrong - this is gorgeous! The fact that it has that sheerness will make it work for pretty much any skin tone. I do like glowing, blinding highlights but this one is definitely glitter to the extreme. I don't find it to be an every day wearable shade for me, but will definitely use it more as an eyeshadow! The formula is smooth, and I am hoping for more shades in the future that will be a little less glitter-filled, because I would love to see some with a pearl/iridescent finish to them!

This baby is limited edition for the 10 Year Anniversary Collection, and can be found on and Sephora.

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