Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

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I have a great shampoo to review for you guys today - this was sent to me from Maple Holistics to try out, and I'm very thankful that they reached out to me because I've been loving it!

The bottle I received is 8oz. The formula isn't too thick or too thin, and it creates an awesome amount of suds. It is sulfate free, and I should mention that I have colored hair and it has not made my hair fade any faster than it normally would.
The scent is hard to describe - it's very "naturally" clean smelling, you can definitely get a plant based scent out of it, and it also smells a bit menthol-y. My favorite thing about this is that I've been having an issue with itchy scalp (as soon as the cold weather hits, my scalp hates me, and the shampoo I was using just seemed to make it even worse!) and I noticed an immediate difference after just the first use. It says right on the side of the label that it clears away dead skin and soothes scalp blemishes, and it has definitely calmed my itchy scalp. Nothing drives me crazier than washing my hair and then feeling super itchy like I need to wash it again the next day.

They have a ton of different products on their site if you'd like to check it out - I'm thinking I'm going to have to grab a conditioner to try out as well because I'm so pleased with the shampoo so far!

You can purchase the shampoo HERE and check out their free sample program as well! https://www.mapleholistics.com/free-sample/

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