Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kat Von D Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette

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The Kat Von D Metal Crush Palette is our first taste of highlighters from KVD (I'm so excited for the others to launch!) Just look at that holo packaging! It's gorgeous!
Now, I'm going to start by saying this is definitely NOT for everybody. All 3 shades are very, very glittery and more of a sheer glitter dust than anything else. They're a soft, creamy-feeling formula and look beautiful on the skin, and I've been using them as shadows too!

Gammaray is a peach base with pink and gold glitter.
Helix is a white base with gold glitter.
Roseshock is a pink base with pink and orange glitter.
Here they are swatched with no flash:
And with flash:
The base colors in all 3 of the shades are very "glowy," so while you're not getting a metallic, blinding highlight, they all have that more natural glow to them. However, the glitter kicks it up a notch and makes it something that you can't really be subtle with, even though the colors themselves are sheer.

While this is definitely not an everyday highlighter palette for me, I do appreciate how pretty the shades are and do like it a lot. I am hoping that the highlighter singles that are coming will have more of the "metallic" effect rather than the glitter, so, fingers crossed!!

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