Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Dream St. Palette

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The Kathleen Lights collaboration with ColourPop, the Dream St. palette, is probably their most pigmented palette yet. Every single shade in here, if you just LIGHTLY touch it, gives intense color payoff. I did notice that it' had the reddish coral shadow all over the outside of it (you can see some in the upper right hand corner in this picture) so I was afraid something was broken inside. Luckily nothing was smashed, but I have heard a lot of others say their palette arrived the same way. I think that because ColourPop produces so many palettes so quickly, that they might overlook things like that.
You'll notice on the inside that that same shade was overfilled, so there's an outline of it on the inside of the lid. I would never complain about "too much" product, so it's not a big deal, just looks a little messy. That could also be why that color was all over the outside of it.
I really love the colors in this palette. It's an interesting selection, and one that makes you think a little bit more when you're coming up with a look. The fact that those dark matte shades are so insanely pigmented but still blend nicely, that is such a hard thing to achieve with shadows. ColourPop is on top of the shadow game! I have mattes that are much more expensive that don't perform as well as these do.

Shooting star is a matte tan.
Magical is a matte warm peach.
Star Dust is a glittery copper (slightly chunky)
Twinkle is a metallic light brown.

Sweet Dreams is a sheer sparkly peach.
Water Bearer is a matte deep teal.
Potion is a matte burnt orange.
Spark is a matte reddish coral.

Kaleidoscope is a pale metallic taupe with a silvery duochrome.
Elfish is a matte chocolate.
Moony is a super soft satin cream.
Mermaid Boy is a blackened teal duochrome.

Kaleidoscope is such a unique shade, and really hard to describe! It's my favorite all-over lid shade from this palette. And Moony is so insanely soft when you touch it, it's crazy! It looks matte in the pan, but definitely has a satin finish. 

I know I say it with pretty much every ColourPop palette review, but the quality of the shadows is INSANE. They definitely beat out a lot of other companies, to me anyway, in their pigmentation and blendability. I find myself reaching for my ColourPop palettes almost every single day, and that is saying a lot because my makeup table is overrun with palettes from all different brands!

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