Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ColourPop All I See Is Magic Palette

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I had skipped the Golden State of Mind palette (but let's be real, I'll probably break down and buy it eventually!) but I just HAD to have the All I See Is Magic palette, especially since it was on sale on Cyber Monday. Their pricing confuses me, because this one is only $20 where the Golden State of Mind is $26, and they look to be the same size to me. I'm wondering if it's just because Golden State of Mind is also at Sephora, so they had to raise the price? There must be some kind of logic behind it, but I'm just not seeing it lol
 The packaging on this palette is so wintry and pretty! It's got an airbrushed light blue all over it, with some gold confetti. There are 15 shadows inside, and they're all absolutely gorgeous! I love the color selection here because there's a good mix of neutrals and pops of color. 
My absolute favorite shade here is the 4th one in the middle row, which looks a lot like MAC's Blue Brown pigment. It's beautiful!

Go Wish is a matte warm peach.
Now and Zen is a metallic white gold.
11:11 is a metallic rose gold with silver sparkle.
Treat Yourself is a satin cream.
Top Notch is a matte chocolate.

Tinsel Town is a matte deep burgundy.
Twinkle Toes is a metallic olive green.
Something Special is a metallic plum with pink and orange sparkle.
Wishful Thinking is a brown with turquoise duochrome.
Pitter Patter is a metallic copper.

Save It For Later is a metallic warm gold.
Big spoon is a matte bright peach.
T-Cup is a matte mauve.
Imperial is a matte coral.
Never Never is a metallic deep brown with gold sparkle.

As with most of ColourPop's palettes, I have no issues with any of the shadows in here. Tinsel Town is so pigmented it's crazy, so a little goes a long way with that one since it's such a dark shade! That entire middle row, I'm just in love with. I've already created so many looks with just that row alone. I think $20 for this palette is a steal, and I ended up getting it for $16 on Cyber Monday, which is just crazy! That's how much their 12 pan palettes normally cost. I can't say it enough, definitely invest in a ColourPop palette if you haven't tried one yet - you will not be disappointed.

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