Saturday, February 18, 2017

Karity Eyeshadow Swatches!

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I recently found out about a brand called Karity, and as soon as I saw their shadows I knew I needed to try some of them! I picked up the Diversity palette along with a few single shadows, and I wanted to review them for you today!

The first thing I want to mention is when you purchase a palette, you will get the magnetic palette and then all the shadows separately. They come in cardboard sleeves and you have to "build" the palette yourself.

The palette is pretty weighty and well made. It doesn't have a mirror on the inside of the lid, but it does have a magnetic closure.
I'll go over the shadows that come with the Diversity palette first:
The top 3 shades are Turkish Delight, Rush, and Glamazon.
Turkish Delight is a satiny medium pink shade. Rush (mine arrived broken unfortunately) is a bright matte orange, and Glamazon is a metallic yellow-gold.

The middle 3 shades are Viper, Enable, and Jinx.
Viper is a metallic lime green, Enable is a matte bright blue, and Jinx is a deep purple with multicolored shimmers.

The bottom 3 shades are Vino, Baby Habit, and Daisy Chain.
Vino is a semi-matte wine shade (it has more of a satin finish than matte), Baby Habit is an insane metallic bubblegum pink, and Daisy Chain is a cream with a satin finish.

Now for the single shades I picked out, Mary Jane:
This is a deep olive green with  slight gold sheen.

Merz is a pale gray with a pink opal iridescence.
This is such a unique color - I love it as an inner corner highlight!

Mr. Brownstone is a deep brown that has a slight pink shift in certain lights.
This one is so cool, it's got a very subtle pink in it that makes it such a neat shade.

ALL of these shadows are so insanely pigmented, and I love the way they apply and blend. I am so impressed with them, especially for the prices! The single shadows are only $4.50 each. For the quality of these babies, that's crazy! They have a wide range of palettes that go from $21 to $39.50. They even sell empty ones so that you can fill them with your own choice of single shades. I definitely recommend giving these a try - you won't be disappointed!

You can check out everything they have to offer at

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