Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette

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As soon as I saw sneak peeks of the Pastel Goth palette on Instagram, I knew it was a must! I think a lot of people were thrown off that it's not "pale pastel colors," but honestly I wouldn't get much use out of it if all the shades were super light. Pastels are soft chalks that are an art medium, and I think that's more where Kat was going with this palette than pastel Easter colors that you'd normally think of. 
I really like that not only are the shades on the back, but they're also underneath all the shadows inside the palette.It just makes it easier to refer to, especially if you do makeup tutorials or anything like that.
I like the little "drips" on the inside of the mirror, as well as the fact that the palette is back to being rectangular. The triangular shape of the Alchemist palette and Heart shape of the Better Together palette were cute, but totally throws off my palette line-up where I store them lol!
Star - matte yellow
Clementine - matte pale coral
Meow - matte pinky purple
Dope - matte violet
These are definitely pastel without being TOO light. Like I said, I wouldn't use them much if they were all crazy pale because I just feel like those types of colors don't look good on me. Every one of the shades in this palette are buildable, which is awesome. Plus you can always put them over a white base if you want them to really pop.

Doom - matte bright blue
Gloom - matte olive green
Dagger - matte gray
Skull - matte white
Again, all 4 are buildable and blend nicely. These swatches were all done without primer. I find these mattes to be easier to work with than the mattes that were in the MetalMatte palette. For some reason there were a few in there that I have to struggle with to blend them out on my eyes.

All in all, I think this palette is pretty nice, especially if you like color. It's definitely a palette where I'll have to grab some shades from other palettes/single shadows to create a full look with, but I'll definitely be using it a lot! 

You can grab yours at Sephora or Kat Von D Beauty!

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