Monday, January 30, 2017

ColourPop Pressed Powder Eyeshadows!

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ColourPop launched their first 4 pressed powder shadows a few weeks ago in the Amanda Steele palette, and not long after that released their whole line of powder shadows. I picked up both the Amanda Steele palette and a few singles, so I figured I would review them all in one post!
So first, the Amanda Steele Weekend Warrior palette. The palette is cardboard and has kind of a chain link fence pattern on it. It has 4 shades. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by these pressed shadows, but I'll get into that shortly! 
The shades are Throttle, Harley, Burnout, and Chopper.

Throttle is a pale cream with a slight peach tone to it. It has a satin finish.
Harley is a matte taupe - absolute perfect crease color.
Burnout is a matte deep teal.
Chopper is a matte blackened purple.
All of the shades are so smooth and creamy, and they apply so nicely. The mattes are super easy to work with and blend, I'm so excited to have these in my collection! I think the 4 shades in the palette work really well together, and when you use all 4 together you can create a really fun smoky eye.

Now as for the singles, I couldn't decide what to get. I kind of just went on the site on release day and grabbed the ones that stuck out to me most. I already knew I liked the formula, so I wanted to go for some fun colors. Also, I'm not sure if they are going to do this all the time, but the day they were released you got a free empty palette for every 4 shadows that you bought. The palettes have a sticky foam pad in them that you can peel out to expose the big magnet, and then the palettes will hold 10 shadows instead of 4!
Their packaging for them is super cute, too. All white with silver stars! The shadow pans came in little plastic clamshells inside those cardboard sleeves, which you can't really tell from this picture.
Here's a look at the inside of the empty palette. That silver part is what you can peel out to reveal the big magnetic piece, making it a MUCH more useful palette because you can hold 10 shadows of this size instead of just 4. These are about the size of MAC shadows, so a pretty universal size.
Here are the 6 shadows I picked up - above is with flash, below is no flash:
Across the top we have High Strung, Goody Two-Shoes and Take It Slow. The bottom row is Stay Golden, Making Moves, and Backseat.

High Strung is a metallic copper. Suuuuper pigmented and smooth, this is just one light touch of the pan and one swipe on my skin. Awesome formula.

Goody Two-Shoes is a gorgeous gunmetal with lots of silver sparkle. Again, very smooth and pigmented.

Take It Slow is the perfect all-over lid color. It's a pale champagne shade with a satiny finish. This would make a really nice highlight shade, too. I'm hoping they will eventually come out with powder highlighters!

Stay Golden is a matte cranberry. It's very blendable, not chalky, and such a pretty fall/winter shade.

Making Moves is a super bright reddish coral matte. This is such a fun color, and very unique!

Last but not least we have Backseat, which I thought was going to be a deep teal color but it swatches as more of a medium blue. It's got a metallic finish and it's super pretty!

All in all, these shadows perform amazingly well. At $5 a piece you really can't go wrong! Plus I love the fact that their little palettes can be converted into more customizable ones, almost like mini Z-Palettes. The magnet in them is pretty strong and will make them great for travel - just pop in whatever shadows you want to take with you, and you're good to go!

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