Wednesday, November 2, 2016

MAC Spellbinder Eyshadow in Cosmic Clash

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The MAC Spellbinder shadows were really intriguing to me because they are MAGNETIC. It's crazy and weird and hard to explain, but they are basically a loose pigment that stays put no matter how much you try to jam your finger into it. Let's take a peek!

The packaging is in a hefty little pot that has a lot of weight to it, and the whole thing is matte black. That was the first thing I noticed and really liked about it.
See those lines through the middle of the product? Those don't ever go away. I'm guessing that's where the magnets are on the bottom, I don't have the heart to dissect this at $22 a pop lol! All I know is that no matter how hard I try to swirl it around with my finger, it stays looking the same, and that's pretty cool. You can definitely tell it's a loose powder - some of it gets up on the sides and you can see it. It feels like a cream when you put your finger in it, but once you look at your finger, it just looks like a very finely milled loose pigment, much like the Sugarpill ones. 

I do notice when I touch it, pigment doesn't want to stick to my finger around the parts where those lines appear in the product. It's like the product is so attracted to those lines that it's hard to pick up the product from those sections. It's SO HARD to explain, but hopefully I'm making some sort of sense!

I noticed that most of the shades were just blackened versions of colors, so the only one I picked up was this blackened green one, Cosmic Clash. None of the colors really wowed me, but the concept was so cool that I needed to try one out. This isn't something I feel like I need more than one of, but it's fun to have! Here is a swatch of the shade:
See? Definitely not a groundbreaking color. It does have bits of green sparkle in it when it hits the light, but it's mostly a very dark gunmetal color. It definitely benefits from using a stickier base, and the best way to use it is as an all-over lid color, because it is a PAIN to blend out.

Hopefully this was helpful for you guys, it's definitely a fun product but its performance leaves a bit to be desired! The whole line of Spellbinder shadows is now available on MAC's website, HERE!

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