Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Liquid Lipsticks in Sandstorm and Smoke and Mirrors

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Hard Candy is back with metallic liquid lipsticks, and these are a-ma-zing!! I picked up 2 shades that I couldn't resist and I seriously want the rest of them. I can tell you that I like the formula of these a lot more than the matte ones, even though the matte ones smell yummy and these have no scent. But, I'm getting ahead of myself here ...

Just like the matte liquid lipsticks, these come in the tins with a mirror inside the lid. I never understood the reason for this bulky packaging, but if you like to repurpose things like I do, these make great little cases for bobby pins and hair ties!

The shades I picked up are Sandstorm (top) and Smoke and Mirrors (bottom). These were the two that stood out to me the most because they seemed like really unique colors. 
The applicators are very long and thin, and I love that they're super easy to get into the corners of your lips with.
 Sandstorm is a peachy tan - it's pretty hard to describe. It looks darker in the tube and swatched on my arm  than it does on my lips, and when the light hits it you get this metallic silvery hue.

Then we have Smoke and Mirrors, which is a gunmetal with a purple shift to it. Again, hard to describe the shade, but very unique and pretty!

The formula on both of them is smooth and creamy. Smoke and Mirrors is a bit thinner than Sandstorm, but I don't have an issue applying either one. These are so pigmented and have just the right "metallic" hint to them so that they're wearable and not crazy. I wasn't so sure I would like Smoke and Mirrors on myself at first, but it has turned out to be an awesome shade for fall!

As I mentioned, these have absolutely no scent to them whatsoever. That should please anyone who thought the vanilla scent in their matte lipsticks was too overpowering! And the staying power, oh my gosh. It's hard for me to believe that these are $6 drugstore lip products because they work so much better than a lot of my more expensive ones! I can go hours and hours without needing much of a touch-up with these, and they don't dry out my lips either. They have a little bit of tackiness to them, nothing too crazy, but they're comfortable on the lips and are pretty much transfer-proof as well. By "pretty much," I mean if I kiss my hand right after applying it, some of it will come off, but when it's been on my lips for a bit and had time to set, there is little to no transfer.

If you have been loving metallic lips for fall like I have, do give these a try because they did NOT disappoint!

Hard Candy is only available at Walmart stores and here on their website!

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