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I was contacted by CORA about a month ago and asked if I would be interested in trying out their product. They make organic tampons and have a monthly subscription program for an awesome cause - for every month’s supply of CORA you receive, they give a month’s supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country. This was something that grabbed my attention and I thought it was a really great thing that they're doing.

I received a starter package here with everything you need, and I LOVE the way it was packaged. Very neat, the packaging is all black with some white print on it, it just looks so sleek. I appreciate good packaging as you guys already know, so this was a huge plus.
This plain black box is perfect to keep in your bathroom. Not everyone wants to have a box of tampons laying out when you have guests over, so this is an excellent way to store them. Inside of there was a box of 18 regular tampons.
I also received this little case that holds 3 tampons, perfect to throw in your bag and again, have them concealed in a cute little black container instead of floating around inside your purse.
I also received 6 of these little stow cases to just throw a single tampon or two in my bag. These come in handy because the tubes are sturdy and keep the tampons from getting squished by the weight of my purse.
Lastly, they also sent a box of 18 super. The way they have their subscriptions set up, you can either get all regular, all super, or mixes of both. This is something that makes this whole subscription service even greater, because you can customize it to your period and what your needs are.

Now, the crucial part: Do they work well? I am happy to announce that I am very happy with these tampons! The reason I waited almost a month to do the review is because I obviously wanted to try them, and when they had contacted me I had just finished my period for September. Once I got the chance to try them out, I was very pleased. No leakage, very comfortable. The applicators are BPA free and very easy to use.
What exactly IS an organic tampon? 100% certified organic means they contain only premium cotton, uniquely woven for maximum absorbency. They are also 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They expand width-wise (as opposed to length-wise which can irritate the cervix), meaning they are comfortable and conform to your body’s shape. They have an octagonal design to ensure even expansion for a truer fit to your vagina and better absorption. The cord is interlocking—not glued—for extra absorbency and leak protection (and no added toxins). No fragrances, deodorants, rayon or synthetics—nothing but pure, premium organic cotton.

The folks at CORA were kind enough to give my subscribers a coupon code for 20% off of your subscription, active from October 21st 2016 to November 4th 2016. The code is MEGTWENTY3916. If you're not a subscription person, you can find their tampons at Target which is amazing as well!
I like the fact that I know nothing harmful is in my body when using these tampons. I know that personally, when I thought about organic tampons, I was thinking little balls of cotton that don't have applicators, and that was something I didn't think I would use. This is a whole new ballgame! I'm very excited that I was introduced to this company, because now I can help spread the word. I've been telling all my friends how they need to start using these because they are comfortable, they work, not to mention the great cause that this brand represents!

 A lot of people don't realize how many girls and women have to go without something that we don't even give a second thought to. Not everyone has access to sanitary products and I couldn't imagine the discomfort of not having pads or tampons every month. I think what CORA represents is great and we should all get behind it!

Check out CORA's website:
Or sign up for the service here:

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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