Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Urban Decay Vice Blackmail Lipstick Palette

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 I was so excited to see that Urban Decay was coming out with lipstick palettes. There are 2 - this one is Blackmail and exclusive to Ulta, while the other is Junkie and it's exclusive to Sephora. This one was definitely the more wearable one (for me anyway!) so it's the one I snagged as soon as they went on sale.

 The packaging picks up fingerprints like nobody's business, but you can't deny that it looks REALLY nice! My favorite part is the inside "flap" - it's a hard plastic that covers the product to help keep anything from flying in there. Definitely a plus!
 You get 12 shades, which is awesome because I know for me personally, I will never go through an entire tube of lipstick before it expires with the amount that I have. Which makes me question why I even bought more LOL. But it's a good way to try out a bunch of colors from the Urban Decay line, especially since the full size shades run $17 each. I honestly expected these palettes to be more than $35, so it's definitely worth it!
 The lip brush that comes with it is pretty awesome, and I normally am not a fan of Urban Decay brushes. This one is covered up to keep it clean, and you just pull the upper part of it to make the brush pop out. It makes it super handy, and the brush has the perfect amount of stiffness to it to apply these creamy products nicely and evenly. The mirror on the inside of the palette is huge and perfect as well.
 Top row swatches left to right:
 Sheer Shame - This is a sheer mulberry shade with some shine to it.
Firebird - Bright fuchsia pink with a violet shift to it.
Big Bang - Sheer pink with some pink glitters.
Disobedient - Baby pink cream finish.
EZ - Bright orangey red.
714 - True red matte.

Bottom row swatches left to right:
Vanished - Very sheer, glossy nude. This one just looks like a clear gloss on my lips.
1993 - Medium brown with a cream finish.
Ex-Girlfriend - Sheer medium nude - gives a hint more color than the Vanished shade.
Amulet - Light tannish brown with micro shimmers.
Conspiracy - This is such a hard shade to describe! It looks like a metallic gold in the pan, but has a berry undertone when swatched. Very unique!
Blackmail - Deep blackened berry matte.

From the full sized lipsticks that I have tried, I would say the quality of this palette is right on par with those. They're all very creamy and easy to apply. I'm not the biggest fan of the sheer shades, but I tend to like more pigment on the lips anyway. This is definitely the palette to get out of the 2 if you want less crazy, more wearable colors. Of course, I also love the fact that you can mix and match these for endless color combinations!

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