Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lime Crime Superfoils in Electric/Barbarella and Tutu/En Pointe

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 I have to say right off the bat that I was absolutely shocked that I like them so much! These shadows look like they're going to be a chunky, fallout-y mess when you first see them in person, but they are such a gorgeous formula!

The packaging is super cute - you get 2 colors in each compact so they are just split down the middle. I think the duos all have colors that compliment each other really well and I often use them together on my lids!

 Electric/Barbarella is on the left and Tutu/En Pointe is on the right.
 Electric/Barbarella has a pink with a mauvey pink shift and an old gold.

Tutu/En Pointe has a bright purple with violet sparkles and a super metallic medium pink.
You can probably see from the photos of the pans why I thought they would be messy, especially the pink in Tutu/En Pointe. They look like they're the big, flaky glitter shadows that make a mess. BUT, they apply and blend out so smoothly! I am seriously impressed with these and the colors are so, so pretty and unique. You can use them wet, which is what they're intended for, but I honestly like them so much better dry. They blend beautifully and create such effortless looks because there's so much dimension to these shades! 

Since these released, Lime Crime has come out with even more shades that I am drooling over. I have several of them on my wishlist, that's for sure!

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