Friday, July 8, 2016

Kat Von D Serpentina Palette

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The Kat Von D Serpentina Palette is here! I've got to say, I'm not entirely crazy about the packaging on this one, but I can overlook it because of the quality of the shadows. As usual, Kat has delivered with the pigmentation!
It's a little different than past palettes because it includes a loose pigment. Having that in there makes the palette thicker, which I'm not crazy about. The whole thing is cardboard like the Shade + Light palettes, but because it's thicker it just makes it look bulky. When I first saw pictures online I thought that it had a plastic or metal detailing around it, but that is just gold painted right on the cardboard packaging. It kind of gives an optical illusion of looking fancier than it is.
The mirror is also pretty small in this one. There's a big ankh graphic to the right of it that I feel should have been smaller, or maybe even in the center above the mirror. Those are really the only negatives I have to say about the packaging.

There are 8 shadows (2 are matte) and the loose pigment. I thought a few of these might be close to the Metal Crush shadows, but seeing them in person, these are much deeper, gem toned shades and the Metal Crush singles are bright shades.

Here are the first 4:
Bloodmilk is a matte, deep red. It can be slightly patchy but not too hard to work with.
Medusa is a metallic medium brown with golden shimmer.
Ankh is a blackened brown with gold and copper sparkles.
Queen is a metallic wine.

And the next 4:
Hieroglyph is a metallic orange.
Nile is a metallic, bright blue.
Scarab is a metallic deep teal.
Venom is a matte medium purple. This is the only one that takes a bit of work to get it to be opaque.

Prophet is the loose pigment, it's a true metallic gold.
If you guys remember her old loose pigments, those were very chunky and hard to work with. This is finely milled, and I really like the formula as far as loose pigments go. It's super pigmented and one of the best "true" golds I've tried.

All in all, aside from the packaging I love the shadows themselves. I definitely say go for it if you want to add to your KVD palette collection - they are different enough from the Metal Crush shadows that there's no need to worry about having super similar shades.

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