Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Mannequin

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Today I'm sharing swatches of Jeffree Star's Mannequin liquid lipstick. This is definitely my favorite nude of his thus far!

Mannequin is a perfect nude for me - it's somewhere in between I'm Nude and Posh Spice (I will show swatches side by side at the end so you can see the color differences!) Here it is with and without flash:
It's more of a peachy-nude, to be more specific. These newer shades are supposed to have a root beer scent to it that I can just barely detect. The one downside to the Jeffree Star lipsticks is the chemical, almost cat pee scent that most of them have. It's not all of them, which is weird - my Posh Spice doesn't have a scent to it at all and neither does Doll Parts, but all the others I own have that strong smell to them. This isn't a huge problem because it goes away as soon as they dry, but it's not very pleasant.
Mannequin is a very wearable, everyday nude shade for me. It is darker than I'm Nude, which is a super light nude, and lighter than Posh Spice, which is a more grayish-brown nude.
I'm Nude, Mannequin, Posh Spice.

All in all I love the color, love that it's a great everyday shade, just wish something could be done about the scent!

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