Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette

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I'm torn on this palette guys, I really am. The way people were hyping it up, I found myself disappointed while swatching it. But this isn't ALL bad, I just want to get that out of the way first. It ended up performing on the eyes a lot better than what I initially thought when I swatched it.

The palette is pretty big, but thin. It doesn't take up a huge amount of room so that is a plus. It's got  a magnetic closure as well.
You get 10 shades and they are huge, so for $45 I think it's a pretty fair price. When this was announced I honestly expected it to be in the $60 range seeing as how some other companies often do that with their first palette release! At first glance I didn't think the colors went together at all, but watching Jeffree's video about it where he broke them up into quads, it made a lot more sense. The textures of the shadows are what surprised me when I first started playing around with it. I'll go into detail here as I talk about each shade.

Star Power is an insane bright pink matte. When I first touched this, I was surprised at the drier texture. I really expected it to be super buttery and flawless. It swatches on the chalky side as well, but when used on the eye it blends out with ease so it's actually one of those shadows that surprises you once you put it to use in a look.

Princess is a super pale pink with a pearly finish. This one is pretty smooth, but takes some building up if you want it to be super pigmented.

Violence is one of the nicer textures in the palette. This is a reddish purple with a bit of the slightest blue shift to it. It's smooth and doesn't take a lot of work to apply it.

Rich Bitch is a metallic gold. This one has a rather gritty feel to it, but applies nice and pigmented.

Courtney (named after Rose McGowan's character in the movie Jawbreaker) is a matte light tan. This is a perfect transition color, and is nice and blendable/smooth. I can tell I'll probably be using this in conjunction with a lot of other palettes for this shadow alone!

Expensive is a shimmery teal with teal and green sparkles in it. I do experience some fallout with this shade, but it ends up blending out nicely.

Confession is a metallic rust shade. This one is really nice, with a similar texture to Violence. Pigmented, blends nicely, no issues there.

At first glance I thought Vanity was a deep brown, but it has a purple tone to it. It's a matte with a drier feel to it, but very pigmented and blends out nicely.

China White is a matte cream shade. Not incredibly pigmented, but I like that it can be built up. This one does have that buttery smoothness that I expected all the mattes to have.

Black Rainbow is definitely the most fun shade! It's a matte black with rainbow glitter. It reminds me of a pressed version of Sugarpill's Stella pigment, which makes me very happy! That is still to this day the craziest black I've ever used. I am also happy to report that the glitter is in there pretty well and doesn't just flake off when applied :)
For my final thoughts here, I do like this palette. At first I was worried because it wasn't swatching as great as I had hoped, but the shadows ended up performing nicely when I started using it. Courtney is definitely the shade I'll get the most use out of, and Black Rainbow is the most fun!

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